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The Potential Late Round Draft Choices

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Great job by Tom Silverstein to put together a list of most of the players who have come in for pre-draft visits. His article focuses on former Wisconsin Badger WR Luke Swan, but most of the names in his article didn't register with me.

Except San Diego State QB Kevin O'Connell. He's ranked by as the 8th best QB available and New Era Scouting as the 11th best. His college completion percentage of almost 58% is adequate and he should be accurate enough to make it in the NFL. He's tall (6'6") and mobile (rushing for 11 TDs in his senior season). If he's the only other quarterback behind QB Aaron Rodgers at the start of training camp, that's a big problem since the learning curve from San Diego State to the NFL is steep, but by 2009 he might be a good backup QB.