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Getting Ready for The Draft

Peter King agreed with me that the Packers should select Purdue TE Dustin Keller but he expects GM Ted Thompson will take him in the 1st, not the 2nd, round.

How good will Minnesota be if they trade for Kansas City DE Jared Allen? Well it shouldn't help them much against the Packers. When they played last season at Kansas City, LT Chad Clifton did a very good job at keeping Allen in check. Allen only had success on stunts when he took on LG Daryn Colledge, and Colledge lost his starting job by the end of the season due to his overall poor play. Still, Allen is not just any defensive end, and he will change the entire defense in Minnesota for the better and fill major need. But Minnesota still needs help on the offensive line, at wide receiver, and in the secondary, and they are going to have to hope some late round picks work out in the future. Plus Chiefs' fans aren't too sad to see Jared go if he can bring back three high draft picks in return.

Good move by Parcells and the Dolphins with the selection of Michigan T Jake Long 1st overall. He's not the greatest 1st overall selection ever, but Miami has done a crap job of building an offensive line over the past several seasons. I'm a big fan of building a team from the inside-out, and if you can't get a Pro Bowl franchise QB 1st overall (Boston College QB Matt Ryan is more likely to be the next Eli Manning than the next Peyton Manning) then start by rebuilding your defensive and offensive lines.