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Draft Day!

With the 1st pick the Miami Dolphins have already told the world they've selected and signed Michigan T Jake Long but they'll probably drag out the official announcement anyway on stage.

I'm doing any live blogging since the great guys over at Mocking The Draft and Stampede Blue (Colts) are in New York live blogging the draft. I can't top that, so go check them out.

Each team gets 10 minutes per pick, and last year every NFL team determined to drag it out and use their alloted 15 minutes for every pick in case an offer they couldn't refuse fell from the sky. Which is why every team only gets 10 minutes this year. Still, at pick 30 (and only a slim likelihood that GM Ted Thompson will trade up), and six picks every hour, that would mean the Packers will draft around 7pm CST.

Hopefully ESPN did as good a job this year in choosing an active player to provide commentary at the draft. Watching Keyshawn Johnson explain how great it was that Carolina just drafted his replacement, USC WR Dwayne Jarrett, was one of the best unintentional comedy bits in NFL draft history.