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With The 36th Pick Overall!

Man, GM Ted Thompson loves drafting wide receivers in the 2nd round. He's done it in 3 of 4 drafts that he's managed, and took WR James Jones last season in the 3rd round.

With the 36th pick, the Green Bay Packers select Kansas State's WR Jordy Nelson. He wasn't on my radar because he was rated as the 16th best WR by and 15th best by New Era in a weak WR class. had him projected in the 4th or 5th round, so this is a reach.

Mike McCarthy loves big, fast, wide receivers. His offense is built around the receivers in the passing game, the tight end and running backs are only there for a checkdown dump off, so if depth at wide receiver is weak, then the offense will stall. Plus the Packers pass much more often then they run the ball, so depth at this position is critical. You can understand why they might draft a wide receiver when it's not a major need. He will probably replace WR Koren Robinson, and might challenge WR Ruvell Martin, and he might be the return man that the Packers had hoped Robinson could have been.

Nelson was a top performer at the combine in the 60 yard shuttle for what that's worth. considered him a marginal top 150 prospect. Otherwise I don't know why Thompson couldn't have waited to draft this guy with the Jets pick at the top of the 4th round.

Thompson showed no fear reaching for the players he wanted last year, and he's done it again this year. That doesn't mean Nelson is a bad player, or a bad pick, but he lost some value by taking him early and not trading down to acquire more picks.