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With The 56th Pick Overall - 2nd Round

The Green Bay Packers select Louisville QB Brian Brohm.

What a great pick. The Packers needed depth at quarterback behind QB Aaron Rodgers and it had to be someone with a lot of college experience. The new guy has to be ready to play sooner than later because there is literally no one behind the fragile Rodgers on the depth chart.

Brohm could have been a top 10 pick last season, but fell to the 56th pick in 2008. He missed time with injuries, but his talent makes him a risk worth taking. It just means the Packers should hedge their bets and take another QB at some point in the draft.

He doesn't have the big arm, but as the guys on ESPN have mentioned, his stats were just as good in his senior year as they were in his junior year, except his team struggled under a new head coach. His insane college completion percentage of almost 66% is an indicator that he will succeed in the NFL. Here's what David Lewin said about him over at ESPN earlier this month:

A year ago, Brohm topped Mel Kiper's first 2008 draft board. Now it is a question whether he will even go in the first round. What changed over the last year? The answer is nothing. Brohm's weaknesses -- arm strength and mobility -- are the same as they were a year ago. So are his strengths: touch, decision-making, pocket presence and a strong work ethic. You can question his durability, but he had the same injuries in his past when he was a projected No. 1 overall pick a year ago. However, Louisville struggled this past season, finishing with a 6-6 record. So if we punished quarterback prospects because they played on bad teams, nobody in Denver would own a Jay Cutler replica jersey.

Statistically, Brohm has a profile that points to success. His 33 starts are less than stellar, and the injuries that kept him from starting more should be cause for concern, but his career completion percentage is the stuff NFL stars are made of. It is possible Brohm could fail -- maybe he'll get injured again, perhaps the completion percentage will prove to be the product of a gimmicky college offense -- but if I could pick him in the second half of the first round, I would be awfully excited about it.

And they've got another pick right behind this one at 60th overall.