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With The 60th Pick Overall - 2nd Round

The Green Bay Packers select Auburn CB Patrick Lee.

New Era Scouting has him rated as the 15th best CB, but this is a deep draft at the position. This is probably the hardest position to judge for the fan because it all depends on the system. The Packers need someone with size, that can press at the line, and can play one-on-one coverage.

At 6'0" 200 lbs. he's big for a cornerback. says he has the size and speed to match with big (NFL) wide receivers. The knock on him is that he can be reckless, so the problem seems to be coaching.

He might not be ready in 2008, but he's got the size to play in the NFL with little history of injury so he's not a risk in that regard. Overall the Packers needed to add some depth/competition at the cornerback spot for the future, and that is what they did.