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With The 91st Pick Overall - 3rd Round

The Green Bay Packers select Texas TE Jermichael Finley.

He's a perfect pick for the Packers. Earlier this week I explained all the reasons why the Packers would do well to draft Purdue TE Dustin Keller in the 2nd round. Instead the Packers let the Jets take Keller in the 1st round, and took Finley in the 3rd round. Keller and Finley are two very similar players. Finley was projected by New Era Scouting to go in the 3rd round, so he's not a reach at this spot.

Since the Packers use the tight end more like a fullback, it doesn't make sense to have a tight end who plays more like a lineman (such as TE Bubba Franks). The knock on Finley is he's undersized which isn't a problem since the Packers would prefer a smaller player. Since he's coming out early, he's not very polished and might not be very good until 2009. He might have been a 1st round pick in a year or two.

Finley is a great receiver and might be a better blocker than Keller. He was a big time recruit going into college, and put up good numbers at Texas (including a monster 149 yards and 1 TD against Oklahoma in 2007). He's a great pick at this spot, and fills an important need.