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Analysis - First Three Rounds

With four picks in the first three rounds, the Packers added depth to the three areas they had to address: 1)Quarterback, 2)Cornerback, and 3)Tight End. Adding more depth at wide receiver in Mike McCarthy's style of offense is never a bad idea either.

I had thought they might use their top pick on an offensive lineman, but apparently GM Ted Thompson is content to let the current group battle it out this preseason for the starting roles at both guard positions. They didn't need depth on the line, but they could have found more competition.

They reached on WR Jordy Nelson, he might be a great player but the Packers could have selected him later. But everybody else was either projected to go about when Thompson drafted them.

Since you never know how players will really turn out, you can't just a draft based on that. What you can measure is whether a player was a reach and filled a need. Overall Thompson did a very good job with both.