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5th Through 7th Rounds

5th Round, 150th Overall, Louisville T Breno Giacomini.
What's not to like about a tackle that was so athletic that he originally was a tight end? He didn't start playing tackle until the middle of the 2006 season. He's got incredible size at 6'7" and 300 lbs., but that will probably limit him to backup at the tackle positions. Although he's a 5th round pick, the Packers don't have enough roster space to keep him, 4th round pick T Josh Sitton, and all the lineman currently on the roster. He'll have to earn a spot in training camp and beat out someone else.

7th Round, 209th Overall, LSU QB Matt Flynn.
It will be interesting to see how the Packers handle playing time this preseason. They have to give QB Aaron Rodgers and QB Brian Brohm enough time during the preseason games to get ready, but they have to find out who should be the 3rd quarterback. It wouldn't be surprising to see the Packers sign an undrafted free agent, as they did last year with QB Paul Thompson, to give the defacto number 3 QB some competition. It was the poor performance by Thompson, and former 5th round pick QB Ingle Martin, last preseason that showed that neither belonged in the NFL.

Flynn was a highly pursued high school quarterback who got stuck behind QB Marcus Randall, and last year's number 1 overall pick QB Jamarcus Russell. He finally got to start in his senior season and won a national championship, but also missed two games with injuries, and only completed 56% of his passes. He doesn't have much of an arm either. He seems like a classic number 3 QB without enough ability to ever become a starter, but he has the chance to become an adequate backup.

7th Round, 217th Overall, San Diego State WR Brett Swain.
Hard to see where he will fit in with all the receivers currently on the roster, and 2nd round pick WR Jordy Nelson taken too. He had a big 2007 season, but it was largely padded by a huge 224 yard , 3 TD game against Division I-AA Portland State. However it was probably hard to see how former 7th round pick, WR Donald Driver, would make them team after he was taken too. He's a long shot to make the team.

The Packers traded their 7th round pick for New Orleans' 6th round pick next season in a surprising move by GM Ted Thompson. I can't recall him ever trading a pick during draft day for a future pick. With so little turnover in the roster, and any player picked at this spot a long shot to make the team in 2008, might as well let it go and see what is needed in 2009.