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Undrafted Free Agents Signed

Here's the list of undrafted free agents so far from The Press Gazette and The Journal Sentinel. Plus Tuesday's update by The Press Gazette.


Ken Debauche, P, Wisconsin. He's a Wisconsin guy, but he's also the only other punter on the roster. P Jon Ryan was better last year, but he's not perfect and needs some competition.


Justin Beaver, RB, Wisconsin-Whitewater. Another Wisconsin guy who was a Division III superstar who has no chance of making it in the NFL because he's too small.


Mike Peterson, TE, NW Missouri State. A Division II guy, but played at a powerhouse school. He's got a shot because the competition for the number 3 TE, probably a practice squad guy, is wide open behind TE Donald Lee and the 3rd round rookie Finley.


Joey Haynos, TE, Maryland. At 260 lbs. he's a giant TE, but maybe the Packers are looking for a guy with good hands that can play in goal line situations.


Rod Harper, WR, Murray State. He lost his senior eligibility in a JUCO transfer snafu, and decided to turn pro. I can't see how he has any chance of making it.


Danny Lansanah, ILB, Connecticut. A decent inside linebacker prospect who only has to outplay second year LB Desmond Bishop for the chance to backup LB Nick Barnett.


Kregg Lumpkin, RB, Georgia. At 6'0" and 224 lbs. he's about the same size as RB Ryan Grant. While Grant's job is not in danger, RB Deshawn Wynn and practice squad RB Corey White might have to watch out for this guy in the battle to backup as the starting big back.


Taj Smith, WR, Syracuse. He made the New Era Scouting 2008 All Undrafted Team for his ability as a kick returner. That job is wide open if he wants it.


J.J. Jansen, LS, Notre Dame. Now free agent LS Thomas Gafford has some competition for the right to take over from long time, and recently retired, LS Rob Davis.


Brennan Carvalho, C, Portland State. Reminds me of C Scott Wells, an outstanding college center who was deemed too short and small to play in the NFL. The big difference is that Wells played against top competition at Tennessee while Carvalho played Division I-AA. I don't see a place for him on the roster.


Marcus Riley, LB, Fresno State. He was the WAC defensive player of the year, but apparently deemed too slow to play linebacker in the NFL. He's also a little short at 6'0, but here's the video where he levels Hawaii QB Colt Brennan.


Jake Allen, WR, Mississippi College. Another Division III guys. Not many of them get to play in the NFL.


Durell Mapp, LB, North Carolina. Another inside linebacker, and he's pretty well regarded by New Era Scouting as the 10th best inside linebacker in the draft. He's a little light at 225 lbs. but that's not much lighter than LB Nick Barnett.


Tierre Green, S, Nebraska. RB Ahman Green's cousin was originally a running back too, but he switched to defense a couple of seasons ago. New Era Scouting says he was the 23rd best safety which is not high enough to be drafted. JS Online says he has 4.32 speed which would be very impressive, but probably not entirely accurate. There aren't a lot of safeties on the roster so maybe he has a shot as either the number four safety or on the practice squad.


Brandent Englemon, S, Michigan. New Era Scouting rated him 36th among safeties well behind Tierre Green. S Atari Bigby was an undrafted free agent too, so the Packers will give him a chance.


Fred Bledsoe, DT, Arkansas. The Razorbacks had an excellent defensive line in 2006, led by 2007 top 10 draft choice DT Jamaal Anderson. They dominated a quality Wisconsin offensive line in the bowl game that year, and only LT Joe Thomas had a good game against them. It's hard to say Bledsoe was a critical part of that great defensive line when a talent like Anderson was playing alongside him, but the Packers will give him a chance to prove himself.


Kyle Ward, CB, Louisiana-Lafayette. Another guy way off the draft radar, but he's a former track guy and tall at 6'1".


Adam Hill, C, Louisiana Monroe. A little short for a center at 6'1" and a long shot with all the returning lineman, and two more drafted last weekend.


Ryan Considine, OL, Louisiana Tech. Some scout found a bunch of talent down in Louisiana. We will see if any of them stick with the team.