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Post Draft Chat

Mike Tanier of Football Outsiders chatted on Monday over at Baseball Prospectus. He was asked a couple of questions about the Packers.

Here's what he thought about having two rookies backup QB Aaron Rodgers:

I hate having 2 rookies on the team at QB because the reps are limited and one guy will get screwed. Take a look at the roster behind Rodgers and you see they needed bodies. Most teams would have gotten and old guy who only needs a few reps to be ready, but that's not what the Packers did.

The limited reps is a very good point. It also matters that Rodgers will need more reps than a typical starting QB since he doesn't have much NFL experience either. It's a problem, but drafting someone with as much college starting experience as QB Brian Brohm had helps. Hopefully Brohm won't need as much time as some rookie QBs.

On the Packers' draft overall:

A lot depends on Patrick Lee in this draft. I like his size and toughness but I am not sure he's ready, and I think he's one guy they need to play an immediate role. Aaron would yell at me for talking too much about pre-cooked projections, but the early printouts are very Packer friendly.

I'm not surprised Football Outsiders likes the Packers in 2008. They were very high on them last season too, way before the rest of the media caught on. I don't agree that it is as important that Lee is ready for an immediate role. GM Ted Thompson appears to like the three cornerbacks (Blackmon, Williams, and Bush) playing behind Harris and Woodson. Lee is replacing CB Frank Walker, who's 2007 production will be easily replaced.