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Yet Another Mock Draft

17 Days To Go Until The Draft

SB Nation is running a mock draft over at Mocking The Draft. We are up to pick 25 and it's an interesting place to get analysis because each pick has comments by a die-hard fan, and then Matt Miller of New Era Scouting offers his two cents.

Football Outsiders took their first crack at a mock draft and here's how the first two rounds went for the Packers:

1-30-30 Green Bay Packers -- Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas

Picking this late, it's hard to really get the franchise corner that the Packers need. Their current studs are bit long in the tooth. Talib is a high bang or bust pick. For his style of play, think Asante Samuel, someone who likes to jump routes and gamble on the big INT. He's got good size for a defensive back at 6-1, but shows just good not great speed. He's no Pacman Jones, but there are concerns about off-field activities.
- Patrick Laverty

2-25-56 Green Bay Packers from Cleveland Browns -- Dustin Keller, TE, Purdue

Keller represents a great fit for the Packers, who can use him as an H-back in their Full House formation or as a receiving tight end on passing downs.
- Bill Barnwell

2-29-60 Green Bay -- Roy Schuening, OG, Oregon State

Looking to get the offensive line younger as players like Chad Clifton may be looking at the end of the road again. (As an aside, isn't it a bit ironic that Warren Sapp is retired before Chad Clifton?) Reports are that Schuening is big and mean, but not overly athletic at this point. You can get someone in better shape, you can't teach a mean streak.
- Patrick Laverty