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Waiving Koren Robinson

This is not a surprise, but the Packers released WR Koren Robinson on Friday. He was scheduled to attend the Packers' draft party and was replaced at the last minute by C Scott Wells, and then he was replaced on the depth chart by WR Jordy Nelson with the Packers' first pick in the draft.

Unfortunately for Robinson, he's just never lived up to his high top 10 draft status. The problems he's had with alcohol and suspensions aside, he's rarely been above average. His breakout season was 5 TD, 1,240 yards back in 2002, but according to Football Outsiders, Seattle threw a whopping 141 pass attempts his way for those TDs and yards. Based on their metric, he was barely above replacement level in his best season, and below it in every other season. He was even below replacement level in 2007 when the Packers pass offense was on fire and the only other wide receiver who struggled at all was rookie WR James Jones. He had a big year on kick returns in 2005 and it led to a Pro Bowl appearance while he was in Minnesota, but he didn't show any of that flash the last two seasons in Green Bay.

Releasing him now gives him a chance to catch on with another team, and his 2005 Pro Bowl appearance, along with his good behavior while with the Packers, will probably give him at least one more chance.