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Strike! Lockout!...Maybe In Three Years

The owners opted out of the collective bargaining agreement, but nothing is likely to happen for three, or no sooner than two, years. CEO Mark Murphy makes a massive understatement:

"As you look back over our history, we've benefited greatly from the league's policies on revenue sharing"

The Packers wouldn't be in Green Bay without revenue sharing. The league would have forced a move to a bigger market. George Halas tried to move the team back in the 1950s.

The three big issues likely are revenue sharing, the size of the current salary cap and rookie contracts. I doubt the owners of big city teams will really push to lessen the revenue sent to the smaller markets. The cap was bumped up a year ago and now few teams have a problem keeping under it, so the owners probably think that the cap is too high. Finally the rookie salaries are getting out of hand when rookie QB Matt Ryan receives $34.75 guaranteed, while QB Peyton Manning received $34.5 million in a guaranteed signing bonus three years ago, except Ryan has never thrown an NFL pass. It was three years ago, but salaries haven't skyrocketed so much since then that an untested rookie should be paid like a perennial Pro Bowl QB.