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The Annual Justin Harrell Injury Update

This year he injured a disc in his back while lifting weights which required surgery. This was the risk with DT Justin Harrell when the Packers drafted him. He was a first round talent, if healthy, but he has trouble staying that way. He came into the league with a history of injuries at Tennessee, but also a history of outstanding football. He played through ankle and knee problems last season, but neither required surgery. Currently he's on pace for a surgery every other year. While these are all injuries he can, and has, recovered from, he will probably be in-and-out with them constantly during his career. He isn't a bust, it's hard to fault a guy who gets hurt, but he might never reach his full potential. It's a small mark against GM Ted Thompson for reaching for an injury prone player, but the best news is that Harrell should be ready to play in 2008.