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Bill Schroeder Retires A Packer

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Hadn't he retired years ago? When you haven't been on an NFL roster in the last three years, you would think that is a sign you've retired, but apparently Schroeder still harbored some dreams of returning to the field. He had a great run in his last three seasons in Green Bay:

Rec. Yards TDs
1999 74 1051 5
2000 65 999 4
2001 53 918 9
Average 64 989 6

How could they have let him get away in free agency after the 2001 season? Actually, at the time, I thought it was good riddance. In 2001, the Packers were starting Schroeder and WR Antonio Freeman. Free was clearly done  and caught a lowly 48% of the passes thrown his way, while Schroeder wasn't much better catching only 57%. Free was released after the season, he spent 2002 in Philly before coming back to Green Bay in 2003 for his final season.

57% isn't too bad for Schroeder considering Favre would often throw deep, low-percentage, passes to him. But they never seemed to have great chemistry. Sometimes it didn't seem like Favre was happy with Schroeder's route running or his effort to fight for the ball.

It was also painful to see Freeman and Schroeder start every week with WR Donald Driver and WR Corey Bradford standing on the sidelines. They gave a big boost to a tepid pass offense when they got on the field. Bradford was an explosive deep threat and the sole home run threat on the team. By 2001 it was obvious Favre liked working with Driver and it was time to give him a chance.

For a 6th round pick, someone who was born in Eau Claire and played at UW-LaCrosse, to produce like he did in his three seasons as a NFL starter was outstanding, but it didn't seem like he lived up to his full potential.