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Draft Recap and Remaining Needs

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Football Outsiders did a draft recap and looked at the remaining needs of the NFC North teams. Author Ryan Wilson wondered why the Packers spent a 2nd round pick on QB Brian Brohm, but didn't mention QB Aaron Rodgers' past fragility and that they needed someone other than QB Daunte Culpepper to back him up.

As FO says, although QB Brett Favre is a big loss, everyone else is back next season:

The Packers had no immediate needs heading into the draft. Cornerbacks Charles Woodson and Al Harris are both in their 30s, and with Bubba Franks gone, Donald Lee was the only tight end on the roster with any experience. But virtually every starter from last year’s 13-win team returns. (The players who did leave will be conspicuous by their absence. For example, it will be odd to see Packers games with no Corey Williams.)

And they enter training camp with few remaining needs:

When the biggest concern (other than Rodgers) heading into training camp is whether outside linebacker Brady Poppinga will ever improve in pass coverage, the roster is in pretty good shape. Green Bay didn’t draft a linebacker, but Brandon Chillar, signed in March from the Rams, will battle Poppinga for playing time.