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Meet Brennen Carvalho

Undrafted free agent C Brennen Carvalho is an interesting prospect. He played at Division II Portland State last season under former NFL head coach Jerry Glanville, and his run-and-gun offensive coordinator Mouse Davis. He was an All American guard, but Glanville and Davis discussed during an interview that they moved him to center, where he again was an All American, due to his smart play and so he could make all the line calls.

Glanville also mentioned that Carvalho lost 15 pounds as he got ready for workouts with NFL teams, and he plays better at the lighter weight.

Davis also said that the main problem Carvalho will have in the NFL is that he's a little shorter than most NFL teams would prefer.

He does seem shorter than his listed 6'1" but he's a big guy and at least his listed weight of 294 lbs. He's almost the same size as starting C Scott Wells so Carvalho's lack of size shouldn't be a problem with the Packers. But Wells was originally a 7th round pick, and was even briefly released, so he had to prove himself to the team. Now Wells will never make a Pro Bowl, but he's a solid fixture in the center of the line and they clearly played poorly when Wells missed a couple of games during the middle of 2007.

Carvalho probably is a long shot to make the opening day roster, but he should have a chance on the practice squad. The only players listed at center on the roster are Carvalho, Wells, and Jason Spitz. With Carvalho's ability to play either guard or center, he would be a good reserve for the practice squad.