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Addition By Subtraction

Bears' coach Lovie Smith was supporting RB Cedric Benson last week, and insisted he was his starter. Amazing what another DWI can do. Now he's out, and it's the Matt Forte show in Chicago. Unfortunately this might actually help Chicago. It's not that Benson was going to be a major distraction in 2008 as much as he sucked in 2007. I had already written him off in my review of the NFC North running backs last week.

Quite a fall from grace for the man drafted 4th overall in 2005, and a major stain on the reputation of running backs from Texas when you lump him in with the embarrassing RB Ricky Williams. Longhorn fans feel bad for the guy, but can't imagine any NFL team would want him either. When Benson was drafted three years ago, I remember reading how the last time the Bears drafted a running back 4th overall it was RB Walter Payton. Looks like they fell a little short this time.