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Jason Taylor Wants To Play For A Winning Team

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But in Miami DE Jason Taylor's world, the Packers don't count as a winning team since they play in the smallest NFL market. He's narrowed it down to 12 teams, but not the Packers. Since he plays the same position and is very similar to DE KGB, he's not the best fit in Green Bay anyway. But I don't buy that Green Bay is too small crap. If the Packers really wanted this guy and put the hard sell on him, then they could get into the mix. If they managed to recruit DE Reggie White 15 years ago when Green Bay was struggling through it's 20th straight season of mediocrity, then they can get anyone.

All that doesn't matter because the whole rumor was stupid. Too bad no one keeps track of all the times Chris Mortenson is wrong. It reminded me of the dumb McNabb-to-Minnesota rumor that was born last year. GM Ted Thompson did trade a lowly future 6th round pick for RB Ryan Grant last season (the only instance I can recall him trading a pick for a player), but Taylor is going to require a much higher pick as compensation. It would be completely against type for Thompson to trade their 2009 1st or 2nd round pick for a 33 year old defensive end that doesn't fill a need.