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Attending To Kevin Jones

Former Detroit RB Kevin Jones had a workout to show off his surgically repaired knee. Four teams sent representatives to watch, and the Packers were one of those teams. Why would the Packers be watching this guy?

He was released in March after another injury led to knee surgery last January which should keep him out for 10 months. Instead he says he's ready to go right now. He's young (25) and has been good at times. It's hard to say how good/bad he's been since Detroit had a lot of turnover during his tenure, and he had trouble staying healthy.

With RB Ryan Grant unsigned, Jones might be some insurance or maybe some added incentive to sign before we go shopping for your replacement. If Grant isn't signed, then Mike McCarthy would probably prefer a bigger back like RB DeShawn Wynn to start. The problem is that Wynn and the other big running backs on the roster are not very good. If Jones is really healthy, then he might be a better option than Wynn.