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Battle In The Secondary

CB Jarrett Bush is going to start practicing at safety, and Rob Demovsky has noticed that S Nick Collins' job might not be safe. His career stats are not great, but that doesn't alone mean he should be replaced because great defensive players do not necessarily have great stats. He's a great athlete who has shown signs of greatness, but he often is invisible and can have problems tackling from time-to-time. Unfortunately for him, last year's 3rd round pick S Aaron Rouse played great when he was given three starts mid-season, and he's probably the best safety in coverage (which is really surprising since he came out of college with a rep as a bad pass defender). Collins should be pushed and should have to battle Rouse (and maybe Bush too) for the starting safety job.

S Atari Bigby had to fight for a job last year in training camp and he shouldn't be handed a job either, although he had a monster game last season in the playoffs against Seattle and finished last season strong after he was named NFC Defensive Player of the Month for December.