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Players Who Will Not Be Packers

One small roster move as the Packers released T Joe Toledo. Who? He was picked up a couple months ago and I had no idea why they were wasting their time with a lineman who couldn't play on an awful line in Miami last season. Apparently it only took a few practices to figure this out.

The Packers showed some interest in QB Quinn Gray, who started a few games last season in Jacksonville and was probably the best free agent QB available this offseason. A very low bar to clear. Anyway, GM Thompson let him sign in Houston for $645K so he couldn't have been too desperate to sign him. Surprisingly, Houston just released him.  Texans' fans speculated that Gray was just insurance in case they managed to trade QB Sage Rosenfels (which they didn't) and Houston didn't really need another number 2 QB and Gray doesn't want to be a number 3 QB. Also, 7th round pick QB Alex Brink might be a keeper, which wouldn't surprise me since he was a good college player on a bad team and he has a shot at becoming a good pro. I can't imagine Thompson has changed his mind about Gray in the last two months, and he is unlikely to have any interest in signing him now.