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Ted Thompson Has No Idea What To Do

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Earlier this week, I was wondering why GM Ted Thompson had been laying low while rumors of QB Brett Favre's return swirled. Unfortunately, it was because he doesn't know what he's going to do. He finally talked to reporters today:

Asked if he would consider releasing Favre as Favre's agent, James "Bus" Cook, had requested, Thompson replied, "We have no plans to release him."

"If he goes back on our roster, whatever role he might perform for us is yet to be determined," Thompson said, before adding, "Aaron Rodgers is our starting quarterback."

Asked who gives the Packers a better chance to win in 2008, Rodgers or Favre, Thompson replied, "Right now, we'd say Aaron Rodgers, because Aaron Rodgers is on the active roster."

"I've never been through anything quite like this. But again, the Packers are going to do the right thing. And again, Brett hasn't done anything wrong. If he's having a change of heart, then we'll work our way through it and try to do what's best for the team."

Favre's coming back, and he dodged when asked if Rodgers is better than Favre. It's absurd to believe the Packers will pay Favre $12 million to sit on the bench out of spite, but I'll believe anything now. Thompson won't talk about a trade until it happens. Now he's just waiting to see if Favre will really keep through with his reinstatement, it will be a couple days before it's official and Favre might change his mind, again. Thompson doesn't sound like a man with a plan.