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What Is Favre Saying Now?

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Greta Van Susteren of Fox News scored the big Brett Favre interview which will air at 9pm tonight. That alone is shocking. I would have bet big that ESPN's Chris Mortenson would have gotten it.

Not much has been released yet, but it all seems odd. Favre doesn't want to be traded, but wouldn't mind being released (What's the difference? Any team that would trade for him will have to renegotiate his $12 million salary because few teams, if any, have that much available cap room after they sign all their draft picks). He won't be a backup in Green Bay, but understands if the Packers have moved on. When he made his retirement announcement back in March, he says he knew he might want to come back, but didn't say a damn thing about it back then. Is he saying he's not yet 100% committed to returning, and he just wants the Packers to work with him? Oh, and he might want to come back as a coach.