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Brett Favre Interview, Part One

To maximize ratings, FOX news split the interview and part two should be on tomorrow night, so more stuff then.

I want the team to work out what they need to do and bring Favre back. But I'm not going to dwell on that because it's not going to happen unless GM Ted Thompson does a complete 180.

What Favre said in the interview that aired tonight:

  • Thompson wanted to know before the start of free agency, and Favre felt, at that time, that he wasn't ready to commit to play another season, so he retired.
  • He acknowledges that was his mistake, and he understands that the consequence of his mistake is that he will not return as the Packers' starting QB.
  • The Packers most recent conversations have been attempts to keep him retired. Mike McCarthy told him they've "moved on", and they sent assistant coach James Campen down to Mississippi to try and keep him retired.
  • He doesn't want to be released, but realizes it's a possibility since the Packers don't want him back.
  • He is getting himself physically ready to report for training camp.
  • He will not return as the backup QB.
  • He never signed his retirement papers.

Obviously he's frustrated. He's 100% committed to playing at least one more season, but the Packers don't want him back. They still control him and he's not going to stay retired like they want him to be, so they better figure out what they are going to do.