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Brett Favre Interview, Part Two

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FOX news aired more of Favre's interview, but there still is a bunch more that will be released via transcript tomorrow.

Some of the big points he said in part two:

  • This has nothing to do with Aaron Rodgers.
  • He's 100% committed to playing in 2008, but might still retire if the Packers won't let him start and no other appealing starting jobs are available around the NFL.
  • He can watch out for his own legacy, and doesn't need the team to do it for him.
  • He won't accept a backup role, and won't compete for the starting job, in Green Bay.
  • He won't collect his $12 million as a backup just to spite GM Ted Thompson.
  • He asked for his release because he doesn't trust Thompson will make a serious effort to trade him before the start of training camp.
  • He would have to agree to any trade.
  • Since the Packers don't want him back as the starter, his next choice is to be released.

Since the Packers would like him to retire, they will probably stall as long as they can and hope Favre decides he would rather retire than be a backup in Green Bay or a starter on another team (possibly losing) team. He said he would have to agree to any trade, which is probably not true, but any team that would inquire would probably want to make sure he's willing to commit to them and not retire. If he's truly committed to playing in 2008, he should get himself ready to report by the end of the month and see how training camp unfolds.