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Brett Favre At The Packers Hall of Fame

Brett Favre went to Green Bay on Saturday to present Frank Winters for induction into the Packers' Hall of Fame, and they didn't talk at all about his current retire or not-to-retire situation. Good, because it gives me an opportunity to talk about the two great players that were inducted into the Packers' Hall of Fame, and it put some national attention on them that they wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

It was an interesting pairing of inducting the two guys who played over the ball on the last two Packers' Super Bowl teams. The best way to build a team is from the inside-out, so it's a big problem if the two players that anchor the middle of the field are not good. In 1996, these two guys were outstanding, and a big part of that great team.

C Frank Winters was one of the best free agent signings in Packers' history. He made the Pro Bowl during the Super Bowl winning 1996 season and was arguably the team's best offensive lineman that season. Being Favre's buddy might have helped him get into the HoF, but from 1995-1998, him and G Adam Timmerman were the team's best linemen. 

DT Gilbert Brown is probably best remembered for the "Gilbert Burger" and generally disappointing for being overweight and underwhelming after he got his big free agent contract, but he was a monster in 1996. He was active, and his enormous size was too much for most NFL centers and guards. Teams got no push up the middle against him. He deserves induction for that one season alone.