All of this Favre stuff might be moot now

ProFootballTalk is reporting that Favre is done after the Packers presented him 3 teams that they could trade him to and he rejected all 3 teams and is now gonna stay retired.  All of this is unconfirmed, of course, and I don't always believe Florio but he has been right on a more than a few of these Favre stories as well as some other stuff too.  I'm sure the Thompson haters will accuse him of suggesting teams like the Raiders, Chiefs, and Falcons that Favre would understandably reject but we shall see.  Unfortunately, until the 6th week of the season passes I think that this comeback story will always have legs, at least whenever ESPN is having a slow news day.  Regardless of how this ends its just sad that one of the greatest and most storied careers in NFL history is (potenially) ending in this type of fashion.

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