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Fantasy Football Time

As you can see from our banner ads, SB Nation is organizing The FanHouse Leagues for fantasy football this year. The league is hosted on which is owned by AOL, and as far as I can tell, it seems somewhat similar to the setup at Yahoo.

I will definitely come up with a Packer related prize for the winner. Although I will be a participant, and commish, of the league, I will definitely not win because I've never won a football fantasy league. Whatever poor player I draft with my first pick will be injured for at least part of the season, and my number one WR is destined to either miss the season with an injury or have a career worst year.

There will be a random drawing for the 12 team league, but I'm reserving a couple spots. Please register here for fantasy football, and select the Acme Packing Company league.

Type your questions in the comments, there's still some stuff I don't know about the league, like whether autopick is available or what is the date of the draft, and I'll respond when I know the answers.