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Brett Favre Will Report To Camp

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He wants to keep playing and he's still under contract with the Packers, so I've thought for the last couple weeks that he has to show up for training camp.

  • If he applies for reinstatement and doesn't show up for camp, then the Packers can fine him.
  • So one strategy was to pressure them for a trade or release and don't apply for reinstatement so they can't fine him, but then the Packers can just ignore his requests without consequence and make him stay on the retired list.
  • The Packers can still punish him by benching him in favor of Aaron Rodgers, but then they are paying $12 million for a backup QB.
  • I've expected Rodgers will hold up under the pressure of replacing Favre, but it's a lot different if Favre is standing on the sidelines watching his every mistake. Rodgers is GM Ted Thompson's guy, his first ever draft choice, and I doubt he would want to put his young QB through that pressure.

It's time for Favre to show his hand. If he's 100% committed and going to play no matter what the Packers try to do him, then he has to call their bluff.