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Training Camp Begins - Ryan Grant Edition

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All the draft choices have been signed and are in camp on time. Usually training camp begins pretty smoothly when all the draft choices are signed, but this year is obviously a lot different.

RB Ryan Grant is pissed at the low ball offer from the Packers. I'm a little confused at what his agent wants. First he was talking about an incentive laden deal since Grant has only been a starter for less than a season, but then he got upset that the signing bonus was half of what LB Brady Poppinga received. Maybe he wants a KR Devin Hester-type deal, but those two guys don't have a lot in common because they are different type of players and Hester had been productive for the last couple of seasons after entering the NFL has a high draft choice. Maybe Grant's agent wants big guaranteed money and big incentives, and it seems that he's only going to get one or the other. I didn't think this would be an easy negotiation, and it still looks like it will drag out a while.