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First Day of Training Camp

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One of my favorite players, WR Shaun Bodiford, was placed on injured reserve and is out for the season. I rooted for him because he fought a lot of obstacles in life to make it into the NFL, unfortunately he never played good enough to be anything other than a fringe player. I've been hoping the last two seasons he would improve, but hopefully he has another shot at it next year.

Mike McCarthy spoke to the media.

  • He didn't say anything new about Brett Favre except I did notice he said that and "Brett Favre and I didn't agree on things." We're they big things like professional competence, or little things like Pepsi vs. Coke? Who knows, and I'm not sure I care.
  • Overall the team is very healthy coming into the season except DT Justin Harrell is still hurt.
  • Plus RB Brandon Jackson has definitely become a different player and will be a factor this season, and I'm sure that will continue so long as RB Ryan Grant holds out and they need to show they can move on without him.

Ted Thompson also spoke to the media, and he did talk a lot about Favre.

  • He has professional conversations with Favre, but then they each come away with different interpretations of it. That's their whole problem in a nutshell.
  • He's made a decision (QB Aaron Rodgers is the starter) and that's the direction the team is going in.
  • He hasn't explained it in detail publicly why there's no going back. "It doesn't make sense for us to turn around and go back now." Why? Players and coaches come and go so often in the NFL it doesn't make sense that they can't go back to doing what they were doing last January. Maybe he feels Rodgers has waited long enough. Maybe he doesn't trust Favre's committed to play. But the above quote doesn't ring true. He can and should be guarded with his comments, but he could be more forthcoming why he's chosen Rodgers.
  • He still talked about waiting to see what happens when Favre is reinstated and reports. Like he doesn't have to be more proactive than that. He either has to be expecting Favre to reinstate and report, or is trying to trade him.