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Brett Favre Files For Reinstatement

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He finally faxed the paperwork into the league office and filed for reinstatement. He has to force the Packers into taking action because they just want him to go away. Favre made a mistake by retiring too early, but GM Ted Thompson has been making all the mistakes this month. Favre has shown patience in trying find some possible alternative, but training camp has begun and he can't wait any longer while Thompson is still hoping the whole thing goes away.

Gene Wojciechowski at ESPN has a very good summary of the current situation, unfortunately he doesn't know what Thompson is going to do either:

Thompson knows what would have happened if Favre had been issued a helmet and a jersey today. Everybody knows. Favre would have been the best quarterback on the field.

If Rodgers can't handle the pressure of Favre's presence and open competition for the job in July, what makes you think he can handle the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field in December? But Thompson doesn't want the best man to win. He wants his man to win. So no quarterback bake-off.