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Brett Favre Plays The Packers Twice Per Season

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Over the last month, GM Ted Thompson has been fumbling the Brett Favre retirement saga. He should have brought him back as the starter, or just released him. He couldn't let him start ahead of QB Aaron Rodgers because Aaron's Ted's guy and he's got to give his guy a chance over the superior player. And he could never, ever release Favre was because he might go play in Minnesota, but now he's conceded that he may have to trade him within the division.

How can he even justify that to himself? They will offer next to nothing since he might be released in a day or two anyway, the Packers will be choosing the inferior player (at least in 2008, Rodgers will be better than Favre someday), and gives one of his opponents a huge upgrade at their most vital position.

Favre won't play for Chicago. Just as Rodgers is Ted's guy, QB Rex Grossman is GM Jerry Angelo's guy, and Angelo's giving Grossman the best opportunity possible to win the starting job in Chicago. He's not trading for or signing Favre to ruin that opportunity.

In Minnesota, he's known both offensive coaches (Brad Childress and Darrell Bevell) for many years, and Favre's golfing buddy, K Ryan Longwell, is already on the team. Although Minnesota might decide they don't need Favre either, and join the long list of shrewd NFL teams that have determined that they don't need a future Hall of Fame quarterback who just finished a near MVP season.

I watched Mike McCarthy's interview on ESPN and he again said that it's too late to turn back, they've moved forward without Favre, etc. Again he didn't explain himself, he just it's far far too late and we should all accept his wisdom.

Both Thompson and McCarthy are early in their careers leading an NFL franchise. Most great coaches and GMs, if not all, have to make a couple (a few) bone-headed mistakes in their careers. The good ones learn from their mistakes, and hopefully this is their big mistake and they get it out of their system. Both of them are very good at their jobs, although they've screwed this up, and now they just have to get this situation resolved and focus their Super Bowl caliber team on the 2008 season. And get RB Ryan Grant signed.