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Jarrett Bush's Training Camp Battle

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CB Jarrett Bush has a blog over at YardBarker, although I had not been checking his site recently because I thought he would keep quiet until the entire Brett Favre saga was over.

Instead he's has a couple recent posts, including one today. His girlfriend is competing in the Olympics in August, and the team is trying hard to avoid any Favre-related distraction. He confirmed that the team is trying him out at every position in the secondary, and it's a battle between him and CB Tramon Williams for the nickel back job.

With CBs Al Harris and Charles Woodson set as the starters, Bush and Williams will be the dime and nickel cornerbacks, Will Blackmon will be given kick return duties, at which he is very good, while he tries to stay healthy, which he hasn't been able to do in his first two seasons. Blackmon appears to be a pretty good cornerback too, so if he has to step in, he won't be much of a drop off from the top 4. That leaves rookie 2nd round CB Pat Lee deep on the bench where he probably belongs, at first, while he adjusts to the NFL.

It's a deep group, but all of them are average to below average since Harris and Woodson each took a step back last season, in part due to injuries. These guys will play well next season so long as the pass rush returns to it's early 2007 season form.