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Has Favre Come Back Yet?

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I don't think he's coming back. The reasons he gave for his retirement, it keeps getting harder every year and he's just worn out, reminded me of why Ron Wolf said he was retiring as Packers' GM back in 2001. Favre was worn out by all the preparation it took every week to get ready, and it took him longer than ever to get ready each week. Wolf was tired of all the cross country travel. Both knew it was just time, and Wolf never came back full-time to the NFL.

Still I admit the possibility exists that he might return. He knows he can still play, and he's bound to second guess his retirement.

Rick Morrissey thinks Favre would be welcomed in Chicago, but Bears fans would rather he return to the Packers so DT Tommie Harris could sack him again.

In Detroit, they are comparing and contrasting Favre's retirement/rumors of a comeback to the great Barry Sanders. Their retirements were different, but the rumors of Sanders' possible return persisted for years. Sean thinks Favre was keeping his desire to play private, but it accidentally became public.

The best online article about this I've read has been by Jason Wilde:

  • An NFL source said maybe Favre, or maybe his agent Bus Cook, asked the Packers to release Favre on Wednesday, which the team refused. Cook has been starting rumors of Favre's desire to play again since last April. It wouldn't surprise me if this whole thing is Cook's doing and has nothing to do with Favre.
  • Al Harris actually talked to Favre and confirmed that he has the itch to play again, but then said "everybody, retired or not, has the itch to play at this time of year." Favre misses getting ready for the season, but it doesn't mean he's coming back.
  • Brett's brother Scott saw him last week, and although Scott said he'd would like to see Brett play again, he didn't say Brett wanted to come back.