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Brett Favre: Silent Running

Brett Favre is sending text messages everywhere these days. Now ESPN's Ed Werner got one from him:

"There isn't a perfect solution to this, but [Packers president] Mark Murphy is at least trying," Favre told ESPN's Ed Werder via text message on Thursday night. "We know what they want and where I stand. His solution, although awkward and unsettling for most, may be the best in the end.''

Is he going to take a compromise solution, $20 million to retire, that he doesn't want and the Packers don't want to give him? Sounds like everyone loses.

Commish Roger Goodell is sitting on Favre's reinstatement letter for a couple days while the Packers and Favre try and work out their irreconcilable difference. It seems the Packers are holding their breath and hoping he takes the $20 million. If he turns it down, then Goodell can't sit on the reinstatement papers anymore and the Packers have to make a move. The two teams GM Ted Thompson would prefer to send Favre, Tampa Bay and the NY Jets, aren't saying/leaking much at the moment, but with one tampering charge already pending, that's to be expected.

It's quiet at the moment, but this will either end or move quickly after Favre accepts or declines the retirement payoff.