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Preseason Open Thread: Green Bay at San Francisco

Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers
Saturday, August 16th, 2008
8:00pm CST, Check Local Listings
This is an open thread for the game.

Players To Watch:

  • QB Aaron Rodgers. He'll probably be watched closely all preseason. He's no longer in danger of losing the starting job since Favre is in NY, and QBs Brian Brohm and Matt Flynn are miles away from really challenging him, but he's still played so little that it's unknown how he'll play one week after another.
  • RB Ryan Grant. Maybe. It might be his first game back. It was reported that all players healthy enough to practice on Thursday will play on Saturday, but Grant was the only player in pads who didn't practice. He was not out, but he wasn't exactly in either. He's got a sore/injured hamstring, and I would rather seem him wait another week or two instead of taking a chance in this meaningless game.
  • QB J.T. O'Sullivan. The former Packer is the front runner to become San Francisco's starting QB. Mike Sherman traded for him in 2004 when the Packers shipped CB Mike McKenzie to New Orleans for a 2nd round pick and O'Sullivan. He washed out in Green Bay and in a preseason tryout in Minnesota, but wound up in Detroit (if only Chicago had taken a flyer on him to complete the NFC North tour). There he became a pet project for offensive coordinator Mike Martz, and O'Sullivan followed Martz out to San Francisco. I watched the game last season when O'Sullivan came in for an injured QB Jon Kitna. He played good most of the time, but his two INTs were "My God, What We're You Thinking?" bad.
    WR Josh Morgan. The rookie was a bright spot in a dark game at Oakland last week. He's even getting some WR Terrell Owens comparisons. Apparently 49er fans are looking for any potential silver linings right now.