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Injuries At Key Positions

Here's a good run down of the injuries right now. None appear serious, but they might cause problems over the first couple regular season games.

RB Ryan Grant. It seems like the Packers are just being overcautious with his hamstring injury. No harm in that. They did the same thing with WR Greg Jennings, held him out for the first two regular season games in 2007, and he had an outstanding season in the remaining 14 games. The big problem with that strategy is that the offense would suffer without him until mid-September.

C Scott Wells. He's dealing with some back injuries, and this is a problem. When Wells missed a couple games last season, the offensive line wasn't as good. He isn't a dominant player, but the line plays better with him. OL Jason Spitz would probably start in his place, but after Spitz had an awful game at San Francisco, that isn't too inspiring. With no starters named at either guard position, the entire center of the offensive line would be in flux if Wells is out for a while.

LB A.J. Hawk. He's listed as week-to-week, which doesn't sound good. He's not a Pro Bowl player, yet, but he's still solid in run support and at least as good in pass coverage as LB Nick Barnett. No other linebacker on the roster is anywhere near as good in pass coverage as Hawk or Barnett. TE Vernon Davis burned LB Brandon Chillar on a couple 3rd down passes at San Francisco, until the Packers had CB Charles Woodson come over and help on coverage. Covering the tight end becomes a major problem if Hawk misses time.

DE Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila. I would have thought he'd start practicing by now, his knee surgery was a couple months ago, but he's still not ready. Maybe the Packers are just being cautious, again no harm in that. He still puts a lot of pressure on the QB and the Packers would have to blitz more with him out.

DT Daniel Muir. I was hoping he would take over the role played by DT Corey Williams last season, but he's been battling injuries in training camp and has had a quiet preseason. Also, DTs Ryan Pickett and Justin Harrell haven't taken a single snap this preseason, and the depth at defensive tackle is gone without those three players.