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Scouting The Intense Football League

This preseason is heading in the wrong direction. The return of Brett Favre was a major distraction, and time will tell if it was a major mistake. Then the 49ers delivered a 34-6 blow against the Packers in a preseason game, and now the injuries keep piling up. The biggest injury problem is on the defensive line where it looks like DTs Ryan Pickett and Justin Harrell aren't coming back soon.

To shore up the depth on the defensive line, when undrafted rookie TE Evan Moore was placed on injured reserve after he was hit by a helmet on his knee in the 4th quarter of the San Francisco game, the Packers signed DT Rodney Allen. He's looked good in practice so far, but what caught my eye was that he last played for the Odessa Roughnecks of the Intense Football League. Not surprisingly, I had never heard of the IFL. Are the Packers scouting players in the IFL?

For what it's worth, Allen had 7 sacks and 11.5 tackles for a loss during the 2008 season. In the IFL. It feels like a major low point that the Packers are signing players from obscure football leagues.