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Ryan Grant Signs Contract

I was expecting he would go unsigned for a while longer, but the Packers and RB Ryan Grant worked out their differences and he's signed and will be in camp on Sunday. Usually an undrafted player like Grant just has to sign his low tender offer, in Grant's case it was around $375,000 for the season, because he is not a free agent and the player risks being released if he holds out. Obviously Grant would not be released, but he can't negotiate with other teams to set a market price. This is unusual situation for any team to be in with a player of Grant's caliber.

This is a typical Ted Thompson-type deal. Either no guaranteed money, or in Grant's case, some guaranteed money, but huge base year compensation if the player keeps playing at a high level. Grant's contract could reach $30 million over the next four years, but he has to run for big yardage, over 1500 yards in 2008 to get a big base salary in 2009, to make it all. The Packers have only guaranteed essentially $4.25 million, which pales in comparison to the guaranteed money other starting running backs have received in recent years, for example Atlanta's Michael Turner received $15 million guaranteed and Baltimore's Willis McGahee received $13.5 million in bonuses so far.

It's great to have him in camp, back as the starting running back, and signed for a reasonable contract.