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Preseason Packers 27, Denver 24

Here's the box score. Another very good game by QB Aaron Rodgers.

Starting RG Josh Sitton and S Nick Collins were knocked out with injuries, while CB Charles Woodson and S Atari Bigby suffered apparently less severe injuries according to the ever excellent Insiders Blog. Number one preseason priority is avoiding injuries.

The defense struggled with all the missing defensive lineman (KGB, Ryan Pickett, and Justin Harrell). The run defense is much weaker, and the pass rush is non-existent. Last week CB Jarrett Bush struggled, and this week CB Tramon Williams (the other cornerback battling for the nickel cornerback spot) struggled. Every CB will struggle if there's no pass rush. Don't worry about the defense. They've been solid the last two seasons under defensive coordinator Bob Sanders. He knows he has to be more creative with the pass rush, but he won't show anything special in the preseason.