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Watching The Last Preseason Game vs. Tennessee

I don't know why they like playing Tennessee, but last preseason game every year since 2002 has been against them. Usually Tennessee beats the Packers by double digits like they did in 2007, and in 2006, and in 2004, and in 2003. Although they did manage to win in 2002 and 2005. The scoreboard doesn't matter because it's the preseason, but I expect the Packers will look bad against the Titans.

After all the time the front office has spent scouting these players, and all the time the coaches have watched them in practice, it doesn't seem fair that the last preseason game would make or break their NFL career, but some players will lose their roster spot because of this game. Last year, RB DeShawn Wynn had been injured all preseason, but came back in time to start and have over 20+ carries against Tennessee. He didn't look great, but he showed enough and it was a surprise when he made the team. A few years ago when DT Cullen Jenkins was an undrafted free agent battling for a roster spot, he did a great job getting after the QB during the last preseason game and cemented his spot on the roster. Maybe the truly good late round picks and undrafted free agents, like RB Ryan Grant, would eventually find a home in the NFL anyway.

But no matter what position someone plays, they all still have a chance to stick with the team:

The plan is to keep the best 53 players on the final roster, McCarthy said One of the deepest positions is at linebacker, where as many as seven players could be kept.