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Preseason Tennessee 23, Packers 21

The box score is here. I'm watching the game this weekend when we'll see who was kept and who was cut. Since the starters barely played in this one, it will be a good game to watch and see if the best players were kept.

Recap from

* The Packers scored on their first play from scrimmage thanks to a bad gamble by Titans CB Nick Harper and a bizarre whiff by FS Michael Griffin. Aaron Rodgers' play-action pass just went over Harper's fingertips, and when Greg Jennings caught it on the right sideline, it appeared Griffin lost sight of the ball and/or Jennings, running right by him. That allowed Jennings to basically walk in for a 68-yard score.

* One drive -- er, one play -- was enough for coach Mike McCarthy when it came to his starting offense. Brian Brohm and company came on for the Packers' second drive. So, Ryan Grant played exactly one play in the preseason and didn't touch the ball.