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Packers Release 19, Trim Roster Down To 53

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So who did the Packers release? One big name who never lived up to his potential and a lot of longshots.

RB Vernand Morency. He came into training camp in 2007 penciled in as the starting running back, set to replace RB Ahman Green. But he lost the job to injury in 2007, and didn't do enough to keep his roster spot in 2008. He and RB Brandon Jackson are basically the same player, with Jackson showing a more big play potential as a receiver, so it's easy to see why they wouldn't want to keep both of them. I expect he'll get at least one more chance with another team.

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RB Noah Herron. After missing all of 2006 with an injury, Herron got his chance to stay with the team in 2008, but it didn't happen. He was good when he played in 2006, so he deserves another chance. He was signed off Pittsburgh's practice squad by the Packers, so maybe he will find his way back on to someone's practice squad.

DT Daniel Muir. This isn't so much a surprise as a disappointment. He was a star in training camp in 2007 and stuck with the team all last season, although he was rarely active. I had hoped he would fill the high energy role occupied last season by DT Corey Williams. Instead, he had trouble staying healthy and did little to justify a roster spot for 2008.

DT Conrad Bolston and DT Alfred Malone. Just two random big body defensive lineman. It wouldn't be a surprise to find one of them signed to the practice squad next week.

CB Scorpio Babers. He was signed after the Packers traded QB Brett Favre and had an open roster spot. He got his chance in the Tennessee game, but it wasn't enough.

C Brennan Carvahlo. I hoped he would make the roster, but no luck. He was a star guard and center at Portland State, but at 6'0" he was only given a chance to play center with the Packers. The Packers prefer reserve offensive lineman, such as OL Tony Moll, that can play multiple positions. With injuries to backup C Junius Coston and starting C Scott Wells, he might make the practice squad in case the Packers need an emergency center.

S Tyrone Culver. He was a 6th round pick in 2006, and missed all of 2007 with an injury. He wasn't exceptional at anything and it's not surprising he's been released when the Packers have some quality depth at safety.

LB Spencer Havner, TE Joey Haynos, G Ryan Keenan, CB Joe Porter. I didn't notice any of them when/if they were on the field this preseason, so it's not surprising they didn't make the team.

LB Danny Lansahan. I wonder if he would have made the team if he hadn't nailed Denver QB Patrick Ramsey with a late hit and drew a 15 yard penalty? He's a big guy, high energy, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him get another chance somewhere.

WR Jake Allen, WR Johnny Quinn, WR Taj Smith, WR Brett Swain. It's real tough for these guys. They all had an uphill battle to make the team when the Packers are returning with their top 4 WRs from last season, and their top 2008 draft choice was WR Jordy Nelson. One of them will make the practice squad because the Packers always keep one receiver.

T Orrin Thompson. He stayed on the practice squad for all of 2007, so he might be asked back again. Hopefully he makes it and is able to play alongside his brother, DE Jeremy Thompson, for at least one season.

FB Corey White. Another guy who was on the practice squad for all of 2007. His ability to play either FB or RB might win him a spot on the 2008 practice squad.

C Junius Coston. He might have been released, he didn't exactly shine this preseason, but instead he's hurt and finds himself on the IR and out for the season.

LS J.J. Jansen. He's hurt and on IR for the season, but now the Packers need a long snapper. Former LS candidate Thomas Gafford might be claimed off waivers, but then someone else will be cut.

DT Rodney Allen. The Packers sign the pride of the Intense Football League, he plays in two preseason games, and finds himself spending the 2008 season on the Packers IR. Quite a two week journey for him.