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Naming The Practice Squad


Signed to the practice squad were wide receiver Jake Allen, center Brennen Carvalho, tight end Joey Haynos, linebacker Danny Lansanah, defensive tackle Alfred Malone, cornerback Joe Porter, wide receiver Brett Swain and running back DeShawn Wynn.

It's a good bunch of players to keep. Carvahlo was needed because of the injuries to C Scott Wells and C Junius Coston. Haynos, Allen and Swain all played well against Tennessee in the last preseason game. It's always good to have defensive line depth, so keeping Malone was a good move. Porter looked good in the 4th quarter against Tennessee. Lansahan is a talented linebacker, so it's good to see him still around too.

The big name is former starter Wynn. He was released last week ahead of some other guys like RB Vernand Morency and RB Noah Herron, but he's back before they are. Maybe they would have preferred keeping Morency and Herron, but those guys wanted to find a 53 man roster spot first. The Packers were going to keep one running back on the practice squad, so finding a former starter is a good thing.