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Brett Favre Arrives In Green Bay

He forced the issue, got on a plane and flew up to Green Bay to report on Monday in advance of his reinstatement. Mike McCarthy was excited, oh so excited, to have his starting quarterback back that he made this statement:

(So Brett comes back with no promises of being able to compete for the job?)
There have been no promises. Once again, there has been indecision throughout Brett's path back here to Green Bay. It's important for us to sit down, communicate. There are some things that we need to go through and then once again, from that information that comes out of that conversation will be used to move forward in the decision we'll make for our football team.

They need to communicate? He doesn't realize that Favre wants to play football again, and wants to start for the Packers? That's an unbelievable statement.

According to this report on ESPN, it will be an open competition between Favre and Rodgers, and the Packers are still exploring a trade. It isn't a competition, they are using it to showcase Favre. Let all the other GMs see that he can still play, and wait for someone to make an offer before the end of training camp. Rodgers is still GM Ted Thompson's guy.

Favre seemed offended at the idea he would have to compete for the starting job during his FOX news interview. "Why, would be my question to them," Favre said. He and McCarthy are going to have one heck of a great conversation on Monday.

Gene Wojciechowski has another great article here, but I don't think "Rodgers gets his best chance." It's Rodgers job to lose, so says McCarthy:

(Is the direction of the team still to go with Aaron as the starting quarterback?)
If we played a game tomorrow, Aaron Rodgers would be the starting quarterback. I'm not going to change any direction that we have gone with this football team based on the information that I have today. That's part of our conversation tomorrow, but we have all of the confidence in the world in Aaron. I think he is a player that is on time. He has earned this opportunity, three years preparing for it, and I'm very comfortable with him as our starting quarterback.

After working with Favre for two seasons, the last one a Pro Bowl performance, McCarthy says Rodgers his is starting quarterback because Favre missed a bunch of practices in 2008. He missed the first week of training camp at the team's request, but that doesn't matter either. Does that mean any veteran that missed a bunch of practices so far should be considered a backup because the team's moved on? Should DE KGB be demoted because he's missed most, if not all, the team's practices and minicamps so far this season due to his knee injury and the Packers moved on with DE Michael Montgomery? I'm being silly to make the point that Favre is not wanted and will not be given a real opportunity to win a starting job back although he's done nothing on the field to lose it.