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Still Fuming Over Brett Favre

I was all ready to move on, enough talk about Brett Favre and let's look ahead at the 2008 season, but I'm still upset at the deal. I need a couple more days of venting.

The team will be good next season without Favre, but I've been watching GM Ted Thompson try to shove Favre out the door ever since he took over after the 2004 season. First he started dumping veterans like lineman Marco Rivera and Mike Wahle, and then he dumped the coach and brought in another rookie (head coach). Those were good moves, certainly in the case of letting Rivera go, but a veteran team was turning into a very young team, especially on the offensive line. It was as if to say, I'm going to surround you with a bunch of rookie pass protectors and receivers, are you sure you don't want to retire?

ESPN's Gene Wojiechowski thinks the Packers are sticking their neck out:

Instead of Favre -- who earlier last season helped lead the Packers to the NFC Championship Game and finished second in the league's MVP voting -- Thompson would rather have three quarterbacks on his roster with a combined zero NFL starts. He'd rather have Rodgers than the most durable quarterback in the history of the game.

Why? It isn't just because Favre wanted to unretire. It can't be. It has to be something as fundamental as Thompson (and maybe McCarthy, too) having lost faith in Favre's ability to win games. If so, Thompson miscalculated yet again.

Thompson's future now depends on Rodgers. If Rodgers gets hurt, the Packers are done. If Rodgers can't handle the pressure, the Packers are done. And Thompson with them.

ESPN's John Clayton doesn't think it helps the Jets much either:

Jets fans have to be excited because they no longer have to worry about Chad Pennington's weak arm or the inconsistencies of the developing Kellen Clemens. Favre brings to New York the potential of a 4,000-yard season as a passer who can hit better than 63 percent of his throws.

But if his heart wasn't into competing against Aaron Rodgers for the starting job in Green Bay, how is Favre going to be at playing second fiddle to Brady in the AFC East? Mike McCarthy had it right Tuesday. He said Favre was in a tough place.