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Fantasy Analysis: Packers' Sleeper and Stud

The SB Nation fantasy site Fake Teams has asked all the SB Nation football writers to submit their team's fantasy sleeper and stud.

Obviously RB Ryan Grant is the fantasy stud, and his hamstring injury should not be a problem for the regular season. He won't look good week 1 against Minnesota's nasty run defense, but then he'll be great.

QB Aaron Rodgers is a fantasy sleeper because non-Packer fans will not be eager to draft him. He should be the 10th - 15th QB drafted in most leagues and I think he'll be much better and put up Favre version 2007 type numbers. I almost went with WR James Jones as the fantasy sleeper because he should make a leap in his 2nd season, but his knee injury will keep him out or limit him to start the season.

There are a lot of good fantasy Packers to draft this year. Driver and Jennings are solid mid-round picks and Donald Lee is a good tight end option at the end of the draft. Mason Crosby should get a lot of scoring opportunities again this season, he should be one of the first kickers drafted, and the Packers defense should force more turnovers now that Charles Woodson is healthy again. The defense is a decent end of the draft pick.